The Trust

Having immense pride about the Hoysala Architecture and equally passionate about the state, Language, Art & Culture, “Sri Kalyana Venkateshwara Hoysala Art Foundation” has been established to involve itself in various Cultural, Educational and Philanthropic activities with a view to revive and protect the Hoysala Architecture and to spread its grandeur. The activities of the Foundation are presently limited to the state of Karnataka, with a vision to extend to the National and International levels.

Hoysalas, whose rule flourished during the 12th & 13th centuries, have built their own unique style of Temples in the lineage of Hoysala Architecture and have become world famous.

The craftsmanship of the architects/artisans in the temple are a feast to the art lover and these master pieces of art stand as living examples of that period even today.

Founder & Chairman

A brief introduction about Shri. V. Ramalinga Reddy, Chairman, Shri. Kalyana Venkateshwara Hoysala Art Foundation (KVHAF):-

Shri. Ramalinga Reddy is born in an agricultural family in Nangali Venkatapura village, Mulabagal Taluk of Kolar District. His father is Shri. Obala Reddy and mother is Smt. Lakshmamma. He completed his Primary education in the Government Primary School in Nangali village and his Secondary education in Mulabagal Municipal High School. During this, by joining institutions like Bharath Seva Dal, Scouts and others he became more disciplined and tolerant and inculcated patriotism. I. N. A. Rama Rao is his idol. During his high school education he stayed in a room on the premises of Shri. Thulasi Rama Temple. By involving in singing Divine Songs (Bhajans) and Spiritual Discourses (Satsangs) of the temple he developed a sense of Devotion. By pursuing his college studies in Kolar Government College he completed his graduation in Science in the year 1966. By following the principles of Shri. Ramakrishna Udupa, Shri. L. S. Sheshagiri Rao and others he dreamt of being a Role-model teacher, and with the divine inspiration he was appointed as a High School teacher. The teaching career/profession that started at Kolar was transferred to Bangalore after few years, where he served for a long time. Being a role-model teacher, he has earned their love and respect. After working as a teacher for several years, he served as a “Resource Personnel” for Primary School teachers, in the final years of service, he was promoted as “Education Officer” and retired from service in 2003. Shri. Reddy is also a relative of Shri. K. C. Reddy, the first Chief Minister of Karnataka. His Father-in-law Shri. Domlur Krishna Reddy, has built several temples apart from helping/assisting in the development of many more.

Shri. Ramalinga Reddy always wanted to (dreamt of /desired to) construct a temple in his hometown. After retirement, he has focused on this and taken up this assignment. The passion to construct a temple in small proportions, with the support of several others has given rise to an occasion, where a huge temple can be built.